Current Church Events Bulletin ...

00000000000000009/15/2019:   Word of Life 20th year Anniversary Celebration. Special singing along with dinner on the grounds. Bring your favorite foods, dessert and a bottle of pop. Invite family members and friends. It will be a great day!

00000000000000009/17/2019:   Prayer Meeting at 7 PM WOLCC

00000000000000009/21/2019:   Ladies of Grace Bible Study from 9:30 AM to 11:30 AM. This will be a tremendous blessing and encouragement in your spiritual walk.

00000000000000009/24/2019:   Men's Bible Study at 6PM. "Victory in Spiritual Warfare" by Dr. Tony Evans. Bring finger-foods to share!

000000000000000010/1/2019:   Prayer Meeting at 7 PM WOLCC

00000000000000010/13/2019:   The Church Annual Fall-Fest at the church! After Service bring your favorite fall foods, recreational equipment, your own beverage, and a smile. We plan on having games and fun! There will be no evening service.

00000000000000010/15/2019:   Prayer Meeting at 7 PM WOLCC